Tussocky Grassland Seed Mix


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Tussocky Grassland Seed Mix

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The Tussocky Tall Grassland Mix contains a moderate diversity of fifteen wildflowers but the major componant is coarse grasses that form tussocks, including Cocksfoot, Tall Fescue and Yorkshire Fog.

The grassland resembles the NVC habitat MG1 Grassland. It is suitable for moderate to high fertility circumneutral soils with low management inputs. Cutting once per year or even every other year in spring is often enough to maintain this sward. Maintaining areas of tussocky grassland and tall herbs after through rotational cutting will help to encourage small mammals populations and overwintering invertebrates. Ant mounds are often a major component of this type of habitat if left undisturbed which can help to attract Green Woodpeckers. The small mammals provide suitable foraging habitat for Barn Owls, a schedule 1 bird species.

Suitable NVC Communities: MG1
Sowing Rate: 5g/m²
Contains: Wildflowers 20% (15 species) Grasses 80% (8 species)


6% Achillea millefolium – (Yarrow)
4% Agrimony eupatoria ­– (Common Agrimony)
10% Centaurea nigra – (Black knapweed)
4% Daucus carota – (Wild Carrot)
3% Knautia arvensis – (Field Scabious)
5% Lathyrus pratensis – (Meadow vetchling)
10% Leucanthemum vulgare – (Ox-eye daisy)
5% Lotus ulignosus ­– (Greater bird’s-foot trefoil)
4% Lychnis flos-cuculi ­– (Ragged robin)
10% Plantago lanceolata – (Ribwort plantain)
10% Ranunculus acris – (Meadow buttercup)
10% Rumex acetosa – (Common sorrel)
10% Silene dioica – (Red campion)
5% Trifolium pratense – (Red clover)
4% Vicia cracca – (Tufted vetch)

3% Alopecurus pratensis – (Meadow foxtail)
8% Arrhenatherum elatius – (False oat grass)
20% Dactylis glomerata – (Cock’s-foot)
4% Deschampsia cespitosa – (Tufted hair grass)
25% Festuca arundinacea – (Tall fescue)
25% Festuca pratensis – (Meadow fescue)
10% Festuca rubra ssp rubra – (Red fescue)
5% Holcus lanatus – (Yorkshire fog)

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