Traditional Hay Meadow 100% Wildflower Seed


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Traditional Hay Meadow 100% Wildflower Seed

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A 100% wildflower seed mix designed for a “traditional hay meadow conservation” area. The mix contains a high diversity of 19 UK native wildflowers and is suited for low fertility, moist, circumneutral, and free draining moist soils that dry out in the summer

Suitable NVC Communities: MG5
Sowing Rate: 1 to 2g/m²
Contains: Wildflowers 100% (19 species)


100% Wildflowers: 

Achillea millefolium – (Yarrow)
Centaurea nigra – (Black knapweed)
Galium verum – (Lady’s bedstraw)
Hypochaeris radicata – (Common cat’s-ear)
Lathyrus pratensis – (Meadow vetchling)
Leontodon autumnalis – (Autumn hawkbit)
Leucanthemum vulgare – (Ox-eye daisy)
Lotus corniculatus – (Common bird’s-foot trefoil)
Pimpinella saxifrage – (Burnet saxifrage)
Plantago lanceolate – (Ribwort plantain)
Primula veris – (Cowslip)
Prunella vulgaris – (Selfheal)
Ranunculus acris – (Meadow buttercup)
Rhinanthus minor – (Yellow rattle)
Rumex acetosa – (Common sorrel)
Sanguisorba officianlis – (Great burnet)
Stachys officianlis – (Betony)
Succisa pratensis – (Devil’s bit-scabious)
Vicia cracca – (Tufted vetch)


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