Coastal Floodplain Grassland Meadow Seed Mix


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Coastal Floodplain Grassland Meadow Seed Mix

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A seed mix containing 20 UK native wildflowers and grasses, for establishing grassland on seasonally inundated land bordering brackish ditches and streams close to the coast and on the upper saltmarsh. This is a low to moderate diversity grassland mix that is often used as a grazing marsh. It represents the NVC communities MG11 and MG12 and the habitat of principle importance ‘coastal floodplain grazing marsh’. Coastal grazing marsh has a short sward is ideal for breeding lapwings and also provides winter feeding grounds for wildfowl and waders.

Suitable NVC Communities: MG11; MG12
Sowing Rate: 5g/m²
Contains: Wildflowers 20% (13 species) Grasses 80% (7 species)

3% Carex otrubae – (False Fox Sedge)
7% Hypochaeris radicata – (Common Cat’s-Ear)
3% Leontodon autumnalis – (Autumn Hawkbit)
17% Lotus corniculatus – (Common Bird’s-Foot Trefoil)
15% Plantago lanceolata – (Ribwort Plantain)
12% Potentilla anserina – (Silverweed)
2% Pulicaria dysenterica – (Common Fleabane)
13% Ranunculus acris – (Meadow Buttercup)
5% Ranunculus repens – (Creeping Buttercup)
8% Rumex acetosa – (Common Sorrel)
3% Trifolium pratense – (Red Clover)
3% Trifolium repens – (White Clover)
9% Vicia cracca – (Tufted Vetch)


5% Agrostis stolonifera – (Creeping Bent)
3% Alopecurus pratensis – (Meadow Foxtail)
4% Dactylis glomerata – (Cocksfoot)
32% Festuca arundinacea – (Tall Fescue)
6% Festuca pratensis – (Meadow Fescue)
40% Festuca rubra ssp. rubra – (Red Fescue)
10% Holcus lanatus – (Yorkshire Fog)

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