Brownfield Site Seed Mix


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Brownfield Site Seed Mix

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This mix provides a flower-rich habitat, with 80% flora compared to a usual 20% in a meadow mix, for brownfield sites. These sites are under increasing pressure from development. Brownfield sites are a habitat of principle importance known as ‘Open Mosaic Habitat on Previously Developed Land’ or OMHPDL.

The seed mix is suitable for a wide range of free-draining substrates often of post-industrial origin. This diverse assemblage of wildflowers was developed to provide both ephemeral species to colonise bare ground and tall biennial species for sward structural diversity with perennial species and two types of grass to establish permanent meadow habitat. Brownfield sites provide important habitats for priority invertebrates and reptiles

Sowing Rate: 3g/m²
Contains: Wildflowers 80% (20 species) Grasses 20% (2 species)


6% Centaurea cyanus ­­- (Cornflower)
1% Centaurium erythraea – (Common centaury)
8% Centaurea nigra ­– (Black knapweed)
5% Daucus carota – (Wild carrot)
2% Echium vulgare – (Viper’s bugloss)
1% Hieracium pilosella – (Mouse-ear hawkweed)
1% Hypericum perforatum – (Common St John’s Wort)
2% Hypochaeris radicata – (Common cat’s-ear)
9% Leucanthemum vulgare – (Oxeye Daisy)
2% Linaria vulgaris – (Common toadflax)
4% Lotus corniculatus – (Common bird’s-foot trefoil)
7% Maticaria recutitia – (Scented mayweed)
8% Medicago lupulina – (Black medick)
3% Reseda luteola – (Weld)
5% Rumex acetosella – (Sheep’s sorrel)
5% Silene alba – (White campion)
4% Silene vulgaris – (Bladder campion)
2% Trifolium arvense – (Hare’s-foot clover)
3% Trifolium pratense ­– (Red clover)
2% Vicia cracca – (Tufted vetch)

15% Festuca ovina – (Sheep’s fescue)
5% Festuca rubra ssp. rubra – (Red fescue)

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